Notice of Upcoming Merchants Row Bridge Closure

Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10, 2019
A message from Jim Gish, Community Liaison for the Downtown Rail & Bridge Project:

In order to complete installing a new town sewer line in central downtown, Kubricky expects to close Merchants Row to thru traffic on Friday, November 8, and to reopen the roadway late in the day on Sunday, November 10.

In connection with this work, Kubricky plans to close the Battell driveway on Thursday, November 7. Residents will again be asked to use the temporary access road to enter and exit the Battell parking lot.

Some parking on Merchants Row in front of the Battell Block will be impacted by the excavation work scheduled to take place across the roadway on the Main Street side of the Merchants Row Bridge.

As has been the case for the past several days, Main Street between the Post Office and the National Bank of Middlebury will remain limited to one-lane traffic through the end of the day Thursday, November 7, at which point both lanes will reopen.

In a final note related to the sewer line construction, Kubricky plans to repave Printer’s Alley and the Main Street sidewalk in front of the National Bank on Thursday and to reopen both to pedestrians on Friday, November 8.

Thank you for your patience during this final phase of constructing the new downtown sewer line. This work will bring to a close a major goal of this year’s construction plan and represents a significant improvement to the town’s underground infrastructure.

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