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Point CounterPoint

Friday, July 29th

Show from 7:30pm

At Town Hall Theater

Suggested Donation at the door.

Session 3 Point CounterPoint

Program to include:

Ravel Quartet

Richard Lane Trio for viola, cello and piano

Harry Burleigh “Southland Sketches”

Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht Sextet


Join us for the Session 3 Point CounterPoint faculty concert, “Transfigured Night”, featuring genre changing music by composers who changed  the course of music over their careers. The Ravel Quartet, with its undertones of Asian harmonies and Polynesian rhythms, got the composer expelled from the Paris Conservatory after its premiere, but remains one of the most widely performed pieces in the repertoire today. Richard Lane’s trio for the unusual combination of viola, cello and piano complements with jazzy rhythms and modal harmonies. Harry Burleigh was the African American singer-composer long considered Dvorak’s muse, introducing him to the music of his enslaved ancestors which Dvorak quoted in many of his most famous compositions such as the New World Symphony. The program will conclude with the haunting “Transfigured Night” sextet by Arnold Schoenberg,  the ultra romantic composition with the deeply modern subject matter that marked the end of centuries of evolutionary development in compositional technique and paved the way for the development of contemporary music. 

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