In the Jackson Gallery...


Landscapes and Portraits by Molly Hawley


Opening reception on Saturday, September 30 from 5 to 7 pm, open to all.

Molly Hawley works in a number of media to explore how the surface images of the visible world represent a deeper reality. With an extraordinary sensitivity to light, color and texture, her landscapes invite the viewer to see beyond the edges of the composition. She adjusts the contrast to suit the landscape – softer for the seascapes, more vivid for the Autumn foliage scenes. Her portraits have a distinctive quality that lies in their depth of feeling, the captured resemblance, and their strong, evocative sense of place.

Hawley began her undergraduate studies at Middlebury College, then went on to specialize in graphic art at the Boston Museum School and The Cleveland Institute of Art where she received a BFA in printmaking. She has since worked extensively in other media, including pastel and oil painting, and more recently has produced a number of multi-media works combining fabric, photography, painting and drawing. For years she has painted commissioned portraits for private clients and institutions.

She studied for a number of years with the plein air masters Cedric and Joanette Egeli at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown. Her portraiture has been informed by her work with portrait masters Jose Cintron and Burt Silverman. In addition to her continuing portrait commissions, she is actively at work on an extended series of Cape Cod and Vermont landscapes at her studio in Ripton, Vermont.  Her work hangs in the permanent collections of Baldwin Wallace College, Cleveland’s University School, Roxbury Latin School, and in many private collections.

The exhibit runs from September 22 until November 4 at the Jackson Gallery in the lower level of Town Hall Theater on Merchants Row in downtown Middlebury. Hours are Monday through Friday noon to five, or when a performance is taking place.